How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication on your iCloud Account

Apple now have enabled 2 factor verification for iCloud – 2 factor means you need two things, such as a password and a code sent to your phone, to access your account. Enabling 2 factor authentication also means that your account cannot be accessed via ironically insecure security questions (i.e., what’s your mother’s maiden name). […]

Where have you been?

It seems that for some unknown reason, your iPhone keeps a record of every cell tower that it’s ever talked to, and this data is marked with the current time (accurate to the second) and the latitude and longitude of the location. In other words, it’s quite literally tracking everywhere you’ve been with your iPhone […]

Skynet meets the Swarm

This is quite an interesting article about Artificial Intelligence researchers creating an AI (the Overmind) to play a realtime strategy game, StarCraft. They go into a fair bit of detail about some of the challenges they faced and some strategies that they were able to use as an AI that wouldn’t be practical for a human […]