Specialising in Apple Mac based IT support for Graphic Artists, Advertising Agencies & Photographers.

Automatica specialises in providing technical support for creative professionals. With over a decade of industry experience in the Apple channel, supporting clients in varied market segments and of all sizes, from small design studios and photography collectives all the way up to enterprise Mac deployments with large corporate clients.

Credit Cards are accepted here

Automatica accepts the following credit cards as payment for goods and services; MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Due to the merchant fees charged by the bank, and the thin margins on high-tech equipment these days, there is a surcharge of 2% for MasterCard and Visa and 3% for American Express.

Preferred Vendors and Suppliers

Automatica supplies and supports products, services and software from the following vendors:

  • APC and MGE power conditioning
  • Adobe Creative Suite software
  • Apple laptops, desktops, workstations and software
  • Belkin cables, connectors and accessories
  • Canon digital cameras and printers
  • Canto Cumulus Digital Asset Management
  • Fuji-Xerox colour laser printers
  • HELIOS EtherShare PDF Workflow
  • Hewlett-Packard servers, storage and networking
  • Kerio Connect
  • Kingston RAM and flash memory
  • Samsung storage, displays and printers
  • Seagate storage
  • Sony displays, storage, imaging products
  • VMware virtualisation solutions
  • Wacom graphics tablets