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Dropbox is finally native on Apple Silicon

As of December 2023, Dropbox have finally updated their app to run natively on Apple Silicon. They say that you're supposed to be updated to it automatically, but I checked my Mac and it was still running the Intel build....
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WireGuard macOS App without the App Store

WireGuard is an excellent, secure and fast VPN with full support for macOS. It is frustrating however that the official macOS app is only made available via the Mac App Store, necessitating an Apple ID to sign in with. Whilst...
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Allow non-admin users to use WireGuard on Windows

It's frustrating that out of the box WireGuard only allows admin users to open the main WireGuard window. The error you receive says "WireGuard may only be used by users who are a member of the Builtin Administrators group" Fortunately...
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