What we do

Email, Contacts & Calendars & Chat

Email, shared contacts and calendars form the cornerstone of business communications today.

Automatica has you covered for your email and collaboration solutions. We are a Microsoft Silver Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and can provide you with advice and support for a solution that best meets your requirements.

We use Office 365 ourselves and unreservedly recommend it for our clients as an enterprise-grade email system with security and reliability that is second to none and a very low barrier to entry. Office 365 provides small and medium businesses with the same industrial-strength email system that is used by large companies across the globe.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is an enterprise-grade collaboration platform that’s accessible by business of all sizes. From sole operators to companies with multiple branches, we have experience with deployment, migration and maintenance of Office 365 for your environment. With Office 365’s Exchange Online hosted email, you can access your email, calendar & contacts on all of your devices or via a web browser from virtually anywhere.

Kerio Connect

Whilst we no longer deploy Kerio Connect for new installations, we are able to support existing deployments as well as assist you in migrating to a modern, cloud-based solution.

Cloud Services

There can be many advantages to using cloud services for your business – we love the fact that businesses of all sizes can now enjoy access to technology that was previously only practical in large enterprise organisations.

Automatica is expert at integrating Microsoft Office 365 and Azure in a wide range of environments with Macs and Windows. We also have extensive knowledge to help you get the greatest benefit out of other services like Dropbox.

As cloud services have matured over the years, in general they are becoming easier to use and easer to integrate with the rest of your workflow. However, there can still be pitfalls for the unwary. Through our experience with these services we have overcome many of these pitfalls and have a solid understanding of what works.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business allows for teams of all sizes to efficiently and effectively share information – to make sure that everyone is working off the same page. Dropbox can reduce, or even completely eliminate the need to have a file server for your office, allowing your company to focus on doing what you do best without worrying about file server storage limits or how to access data when you are out of the office, or even what device your staff wish to use to access information.

Your important data is protected and backed up with 120 days of version history and undelete capabilities.

In addition, Dropbox Business is a simple, predictable annual subscription. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars up-front on a server and you don’t need to budget for a replacement every three years.

Secure Remote Access

If you need to access your important business information from remote locations and you’re not using cloud storage, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best solution.

Creating a secure, encrypted tunnel through the internet to your office network, allows you to access files, folders and other information as if you were sitting at your desk. Automatica’s firewall solutions are inexpensive, secure and reliable. Plus, they work with Macs straight out of the box.

Networking –
Wired & Wireless

Automatica can help you with all aspects of your office network – wired or wireless.

Whether you need the reliability and performance of a wired network connection or the flexibility and range of a wireless connection, we can supply and install best-of-breed equipment to ensure your network is stable and performs at its peak.

From graphic design workstations working on massive Photoshop documents to busy office environments with staff collaboration in Microsoft Office, we know what works and what will free your staff from worrying about the network and let them focus on getting the job done.


If you have two or more people working together, you need a shared storage space for all of your data so you’re not working in isolation. We have the right solutions for you to efficiently and securely share your files and folders.

Network Attached Storage

It used to be that a server was the gold standard to provide a central place for all of your staff to store all of their stuff. Today we have many more options available and Synology have a wide range of powerful and compatible devices that can replace a traditional server in most cases.

No longer are you stuck with a limited range of storage options and a server management interface that Apple are moving away from, a Synology  NAS can be tailored to your requirements and comes with powerful software built-in via their DSM. Backup your data, synchronise your files between two devices or two different physical locations, lock down sensitive information so only specific people can access it – it’s all there for you, straight out of the box with minimal configuration required.

Servers and RAID

While a NAS is becoming more flexible and versatile, there are still some tasks that do require a dedicated on-premises server. Hosting your own email with Kerio Connect, running an ArchiCAD BIM Server, or a software licensing server are a few examples.

In general, bulk file storage is suited better to a NAS but for these more specialised tasks, a Mac mini makes an ideal companion. Taking up very little space and built around energy efficiency, these units keep on running day-in and day-out without breaking the bank.

System Health Monitoring

Automatica provides a subscription-based service where we can unobtrusively monitor the health of your computers and alert you to potential issues, often before they become apparent to the person using the computer. This is also ideal for unattended computers such as servers.

Your privacy comes first

Our lightweight monitoring software is designed to provide best-in-class issue detection with minimal access to the monitored computer. Only the information required to identify the computer and troubleshoot problems is sent to our servers.

Here is what we can do:

  • We can tell when your backups are failing, before it’s too late.
  • We can tell when hard drives begin to fail, and schedule their repair with you.
  • We can tell when malware finds its way to your computer, help you get rid of it, and work with you to prevent it from coming back.
  • If enabled, the agent will automatically receive updates.
  • Issues are reported to the computers’ IT professional, who will review and take the appropriate corrective measures.

This software is not a computer management system, it’s only there to locate problems. We don’t own your computer, we’re just looking after its wellbeing.