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Revisiting converting videos for Apple TV

Further to my earlier post on converting videos to MP4 for Apple TV and easy playback from iTunes, I’ve recently been using another app for adding metadata, and this one makes life easy as it can search for, and retrieve, metadata automatically.

Meta Z is an excellent alternative to Subler, it’s got a nicer interface and when you enter some relevant metadata, it can search and retrieve the rest. For instance, I was tagging some eps of a TV series. I manually entered the series name, and the season and episode numbers and that was enough to retrieve everything else – artwork, rating, description, cast, crew etc…

The one thing it doesn’t appear to handle (and the main reason I started to use Subler) is the tag to specify if the content is HD or not. It’s also not as fast as Subler, as it seems to re-write the whole media file to either interleave the metadata or put it at the start of the file whereas I’m not sure where Subler puts the metadata, but it’s able to save changes almost instantly, so I suspect it’s pulling some tricks and placing the metadata at the end of the file.

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