Crypto Flaws

Over on Bruce Schneier’s Blog, there’s some interesting discussion about some attacks on AES encryption that have recently come to light. It’s all highly theoretical at this stage, and the attacks require some very specific initial conditions to be set, so you don’t have to worry about your collection of “special” pictures stored in your […]

Warning Signs for Tomorrow

An old one, but a good one… Over at Andart, there are some well thought out, and quite humorous, Warning Signs for Tomorrow. They were posted some time ago, October 2006, and worth dredging up from the archives. There are a whole range of potential disaster scenarios covered – from Nonstandard Spacetime and Antimatter, through […]

VLC 1.0.1

The VLC Media Player has just been updated to 1.0.1 VLC is an outstanding project, providing a free and open source media player for Mac, Windows and Linux that will handle just about every video format that you could throw at it. From raw AVCHD straight off a new HD camcorder to old MPEG streams […]

Diesel Power

Automatica is on the road, and travelling in a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI Pacific. Using an incredibly fuel-efficient turbo-diesel engine, this car is rated at just 5.7l/100km. When compared to my 1996 Golf, which averages between 11–12l/100km and needs premium unleaded, this represents a pretty massive saving in fuel costs over a year.

Tether Me

If your carrier doesn’t support tethering your iPhone, to use it as a 3G wireless modem, help may be at hand Tether Me will generate a custom APN file that you can add to your iPhone to give you a tethering profile. I feel that I must repeat the disclaimer on the Tether me! website