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How to find your DHCP Server Address under Mac OS X

Here's how to find out the IP address of the DHCP Server your Mac is currently using to obtain it's IP address. ipconfig getoption en0 server_identifier You can also do more with ipconfig, things like determine the router address for...
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Mac mini Media Centre

[This is a post from an old blog of mine that I'm reposting as the information in it is still quite useful - obviously specs and pricing have changed somewhat since November 2006] I picked up an ex demo Mac...
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Key-based SSH Logins with PuTTY

Here's a quick writeup on how to set up key-based (passwordless) logins to SSH servers using PuTTY on Windows. I've seen mention of this ability before, and use it all the time with ssh on Mac OS X, but none...
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