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VLC 1.0.1

The VLC Media Player has just been updated to 1.0.1 VLC is an outstanding project, providing a free and open source media player for Mac, Windows and Linux that will handle just about every video format that you could throw...
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Kai’s Home-made Pesto Recipe

Take 1 bunch of Basil and pick off the leaves, leaving all the stems behind. Rinse the leaves well and pat dry with a tea towel. Gently roast a small handfull of pine nuts in butter or margarine over a...
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RFC 1925 – The Twelve Networking Truths

Here are the 12 networking truths. They apply to a whole heap more than just networking, most of them are good advice for pretty much any situation you could possibly get yourself into. Just remember: "With sufficient thrust, pigs fly...
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