Making web pages more readable.

This is pure gold. Readability. Better than ad-block, better than click to flash. If you find a page that’s worth reading, add the bookmarklet from Readability to your bookmarks bar and click it. Instantly the page is transformed. No distracting ads, no cluttered layout, no dodgy fonts – it’s entirely as you want it. Via Cleaning […]

Managing UI Complexity

A really good article for anyone interested in User Interface design on managing complexity. There are some great points raised that it’s not overall complexity that needs to be addressed as such, but rather perceived complexity. Perceived complexity can be managed by either reducing the actual complexity (removing unnecessary choices etc) or by utilising clean, […]

Online typography is looking better with .webfont

It is looking increasing like the proposed .webfont file format for embeddable/downloadable fonts will be the standard, and will be supported in CSS3. Safari and Firefox support using TrueType and OpenType fonts, however the licensing restrictions on most fonts, in particular all the good fonts from the major type foundries, prohibits use in this fashion. […]