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Making web pages more readable.

This is pure gold. Readability.

Better than ad-block, better than click to flash. If you find a page that’s worth reading, add the bookmarklet from Readability to your bookmarks bar and click it. Instantly the page is transformed. No distracting ads, no cluttered layout, no dodgy fonts – it’s entirely as you want it.

Via Cleaning Up the Clutter Online – Pogue’s Posts Blog – NYTimes.com.

2 thoughts on “Making web pages more readable.

  1. nice …

    but not reliable or convient enough for me (plus slower as you have to wait for the page to load, click readbility, and wait again).

    causes flash player (developer edition) to spit errors on some pages like ars tech. yay.

  2. This is more for if you’ve got a decent sized article to read online, rather than scanning the news and using it on each page.

    It’s the longer articles and stories that flashing items on the page irritate me the most anyway as I want to be able to focus on the content…

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