Troubleshooting iCal/Calendar app issues on OS X

Taken from and put here so I can find it later… Additional debug logging is available by setting some preferenecs keys in the domain. The logs are sent to the standard system logging facility, ASL, and may be viewed with the Console utility, or the “syslog” command line tool. The “Sender” for these log messages […]

Fix issues with downloading apps from the App Store

You’ll occasionally get errors downloading apps or updates from the App Store that are rather vague and difficult to fix. Errors like Xcode failed to download. Use the Purchases page to try again or even less helpful An Error Has Occurred. Fortunately there’s a simple fix for most of these errors, despite what originally caused […]

Delete hiberfil.sys on Windows 7

Quick tip to allow you to delete hiberfil.sys on a Windows system. Run CMD as Administrator and enter power cfg /hibernate off If this doesn’t automatically delete C:\hiberfil.sys then you can go in and delete it manually. Why do you want to delete it? Take a workstation for example with 48GB RAM and a 240GB […]