This post brought to you with the help of free range, 100% organic photons

I’ve just had a 3kW solar system installed at home, converting that sweet, sweet free-range organic sunlight into happy little electrons. I’ve got a Sunny Boy 3000TL inverter and thirteen 235W REC Multicrystalline panels on the roof that will hopefully be enough to offset most of my electrical power usage and possibly even feed some back […]

Wikimedia Foundation Releases Their Server Config

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader An anonymous reader writes “The Wikimedia Foundation has released their Puppet configuration in a public git repository. They describe this as the first step in a project called Wikimedia Test/Dev Labs, letting users participate in the operations of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation sites.” Read more […]

Trialling Google Ads

I’m trialling Google Ads on the blog portion of this site. They are now appearing on the main blog page and on the individual posts pages. I’m not getting a huge number of hits, but it’s pretty consistent at around 150-200 uniques per day so these ads are an experiment to see if they’ll generate […]

Updated JAMF Casper Tech Paper & JAMF Conference

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader Not sure how, but I failed to announce the recent release of JAMF’s newly updated tech paper “Simplifying Adobe CS5 and CS5.5 Administration with the Casper Suite” document. This has been updated for CS 5.5 and AAMEE 2.x.: Speaking of JAMF, they are holding their […]

? The New Apple Advantage

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader Peter Bright wrote a good piece earlier this week at Ars Technica, documenting his attempt to buy a MacBook Air-like Windows laptop (he doesn’t want an Air running Windows using Boot Camp because he doesn’t like Apple’s U.K. keyboard) and finds the experience confusing (too many […]