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Update to Automated Installs of Mac OS X Lion

I've just starred a new item in Google ReaderUpdated tools are here, or if you’ve cloned the Git repo, do a `git pull` to get the changes. When the “Install Mac OS X Lion” application runs, it queries Apple’s Software...
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If This Then That

This new-to-me website — officially known as “ifttt” (how do you pronounce that?) — is brilliant. I signed up yesterday (it looks like it’s currently in public beta), and it only took about a minute to realize ifttt’s potential handiness....
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Quick Review – Audioengine A2 self-powered speakers

Two thumbs up. These tiny desktop speakers punch well above their weight. They are amazingly well built for the price, have a more than powerful enough stereo amp built into the left speaker and feature a kevlar coned driver and...
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