THX Certification for HDTVs

For once, THX certification may be something that I actively look for with my next display panel purchase. I’m not a huge fan of the current trend for glossier and glossier displays, especially for a wall-mounted TV.

If the THX certifications specify a reflectance of less than 2% from a panel, this ensures that it’s a nice matte surface, which will certainly keep me happy.

The only issue with this is the next panel I get will most likely be a professional display panel, as opposed to a TV (so, no built in tuner, audio amp, speakers etc, better power management and remote control capabilities, better integration ability) and I can’t see these manufacturers of these units bothering to pay the THX tax just for a badge.

Anyway, here’s a quote from the relevant portion of the spec:

Panel Reflectance. THX requires a panel reflectance of <2% to ensure good contrast in a moderately lit viewing environment, which keeps the image dark the presence of  lamps. Sec. 3.1.12

via HDGURU.Com.

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