Aperture 3

Damn you Apple! It is now quite literally one week after I gave up on Aperture ever receiving any more loving and updates and I have begun the long and arduous process of migrating to Lightroom. I’ve been using the Lightroom beta, and it’s quite good. The interface is easy to understand, it’s raw processing seems quite good and it’s integration with the rest of the creative suite is great. The huge downside to it, at least when coming from Aperture, is that there is no import process from one to the other. It’s difficult enough to get all the unprocessed RAW images across and keep the same folder/project/album organisation and it’s impossible to bring across your photo library keeping any of the edits that you’ve made.

Now that I’ve started to switch, along comes Aperture 3. Apple claim 200 new features. Things like faces and places, like iPhoto 09. Colour labels. Exporting, merging and syncing Aperture libraries. Customisable slideshows, new photo books… the list goes on.

Apple – Aperture – Pro performance with iPhoto simplicity..

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