Collective Nouns

Ever wondered what some of the more esoteric collective nouns might be? Need to refer to a group of spectres, demons, elves, humans, robots or just about any other creature or creation from sci-fi or fantasy? Wonder no more – here are the Supernatural Collective Nouns:

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From a fellowship of wizards to a nervousness of AIs, there are districts of prawns and dignities of dragons.

Bonus points if you can work one of these into a regular conversation within the next 24 hours…

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3 Responses to Collective Nouns

    • Hey, made up or not, I still like it ^_^

      You can have a lot of fun making up your own too – such as:

      A silence of assassins
      A staff of mages
      An aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle of murlocs :-

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