SBS loses Top Gear to Nine

What a great big salty bag-o-balls. Top Gear with even more ads (although if I see that Shannons ad one more time on SBS, I’m gonna scream), and the Aussie Top Gear to be hosted by a bunch of tools.

SBS has lost one of its biggest audience-generating shows with the move of Top Gear to Nine.

Both the British version of the motoring entertainment show – starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond – and the rights to the Australian edition will shift to Nine from early next year.

via SBS loses Top Gear to Nine – mUmBRELLA.

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One Response to SBS loses Top Gear to Nine

  1. bugger. more ads.

    also I recenrly noticed that nine’s GO has stared showing another sbs fav – south park (old stuff). go figure.

    and for another show jumping channels: torchwood. started on ten then went to abc. not a great suprise as abc already has doctor who, more of a suprise as to why it was ever on ten in the first place

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