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The Mac App Store is live

If you’re running Snow Leopard and check your Software Update, you’ll notice an update for Mac OS X 10.6.6

Among other things, this update brings the Mac App Store to your desktop. At launch there are already over 1,000 apps on the store with a streamlined way to browse, download and install apps, just like in iTunes.

Apple – App Store – Buy, download, and install apps made for Mac..

There are all the usual suspects from Apple on there – iLife, iWork, Aperture, but interestingly enough they’re available as separate apps. If you just want the new version of iPhoto, you don’t need to buy the whole of iLife 11, instead you can get iPhoto ’11 on it’s own for $17.99. Aperture has had a massive price cut from $249 AUD via the Apple Store to just $99.99 on the App Store (and here in Aus, we’re paying around a 20% premium over the USD prices, which is in line with the iTunes Music Store pricing tiers).

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