This post brought to you with the help of free range, 100% organic photons

I’ve just had a 3kW solar system installed at home, converting that sweet, sweet free-range organic sunlight into happy little electrons. I’ve got a Sunny Boy 3000TL inverter and thirteen 235W REC Multicrystalline panels on the roof that will hopefully be enough to offset most of my electrical power usage and possibly even feed some back […]

This is absolutely incredible. Check out this JavaScript simulation of an old-school MOS 6502 processor – the heart of the Commodore 64, among other computers. These guys got a 6502 chip, decapped it with acid and took high resolution pictures of the actual chip substrate. They then ran some image processing tasks over this captured image […]

Warning Signs for Tomorrow

An old one, but a good one… Over at Andart, there are some well thought out, and quite humorous, Warning Signs for Tomorrow. They were posted some time ago, October 2006, and worth dredging up from the archives. There are a whole range of potential disaster scenarios covered – from Nonstandard Spacetime and Antimatter, through […]