Tweaking the look and feel

I’m heavily abusing a wordpress theme that’s based on Blueprint – the CSS framework that I’ve used to lay out this site. The theme that I found was called SF-Blueprint-WP by SlipFire, who modified an older theme, for an older version of Blueprint, by Joshua Sowin at Fire and Knowledge. Any errors in this CSS […]

Testing has begun

I am going through a testing phase before this blog url goes live on my home page. I need to work out whether it’s going to be easier to post articles here through the WordPress interface, or if I’m going to need to use some third-party software. There are some very good apps for Mac […]

WordPress is live

Items that may be of interest to friends, family and clients (past, present and future) of Automatica will be posted here from time to time. There is no set schedule for items to be posted here, it all depends on Kai’s workload and the amount of cool, interesting or just plain weird stuff that crops […]