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Check out the IINA Video Player

Reading over an article on TidBITS today, I've now discovered a new media player that may take the place of the venerable VLC Media Player. I've simply lost count of the number of years that I've been using VLC (and recommending...
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Microsoft will deliver a full Linux Kernel with Windows 10

Microsoft are really stepping things up with their Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). In the current release of Windows 10, the WSL layer has a custom-built kernel that translates Linux APIs through to Windows APIs. This translation layer should mean...
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Fix Finder not displaying icon previews

Here's a quick fix for the Finder not displaying a thumbnail of an image for it's icon. Drop into the Terminal and type: qlmanage -r cache This resets the QuickLook cache. As QuickLook is responsible for extracting the thumbnails for...
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