VIDEO_TS to PS3 with no re-encoding

I’ve known that it somehow HAD to be possible to rip a DVD and play the ripped files directly on a PS3 without having to transcode anything. My reasoning was that because a PS3 can easily play a DVD when playing the VOB files from the VIDEO_TS folder on a DVD disc, why couldn’t it […]

How to destroy angels.

Trent comes out with his first new music release since NIИ: HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS. Debut single is nice, downtempo, quite haunting and very listenable. I’m quite happy to see that as my musical tastes are mellowing, Trent is chilling out as well. Oh, and as the page only seems to have a link to […]

THX Certification for HDTVs

For once, THX certification may be something that I actively look for with my next display panel purchase. I’m not a huge fan of the current trend for glossier and glossier displays, especially for a wall-mounted TV. If the THX certifications specify a reflectance of less than 2% from a panel, this ensures that it’s […]


Rudix is a package-based, user-friendly way to extend the Unix portion of Mac OS X with additional network utilities, computer languages, development libraries, text tools and everything else you missed from command line. via Rudix.

The mobile phone market

How many models of mobile phones do Motorola sell? 117. How many models of mobile phones do Apple sell? 2 (iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS) How many smartphones did Motorola sell, in the US, in the first quarter of this calendar year? 2.3 Million How many phones did Motorola sell, in the US, […]