OpenSSH Server on BeagleBoard with Ubuntu

Once USB Networking has been configured on the BeagleBoard, everything becomes a lot easier. As ARM is now a first-class citizen for Ubuntu builds, there’s now a world of Ubuntu and Debian software that can easily be installed, either with aptitude or good ol’ apt-get. After USB networking was up and running, I configured internet […]

USB Host-to-host networking on the Beagle Board

I was able to pretty easily get USB networking on the beagleboard, going between my Mac and the beagleboard without a USB to Ethernet adapter (of which I have ordered one, but two weeks on, DealExtreme hasn’t done much with my order yet. Other than charge my PayPal account that is…) Anyway, here’s what needed […]

Kernel Panic on the Beagle – FIXED.

I had an issue where the beagleboard would kernel panic after a cold boot, yet if I hit the reset button it would boot up OK. Thanks to the helpful people over on the Beagle Board Google Groups page, a solution was quickly provided – upgrade the u-boot image in the NAND. I followed […]

The BeagleBoard

I’m working on a project that’s pretty scant on details at the moment, but it’s going to be based around a small computer with an attached LCD. I haven’t selected the display it will use yet, but the brains of the machine are looking like they will be an ARM based unit. I’ve long held […]

A people’s history of the internet

The Guardian have put together some history, as well as input from their readers and produced a great overview of the last 40 years of teh interwebs. On one hand you could say “Look how far we’ve come” yet on the other hand, you could equally say “Look how far we haven’t” A people’s history […]