Fast Wireless Data

This is simply incredible A 13-inch-long tube, called a Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier, is making it possible for scientists to receive massive amounts of images and data from the orbiter at an unusually fast rate. It is the first high data rate K-band transmitter to fly on a NASA spacecraft. With this new amplifier, LRO […]

Managing UI Complexity

A really good article for anyone interested in User Interface design on managing complexity. There are some great points raised that it’s not overall complexity that needs to be addressed as such, but rather perceived complexity. Perceived complexity can be managed by either reducing the actual complexity (removing unnecessary choices etc) or by utilising clean, […]

Mac OS X Upgrades

Spotted around the interwebs recently is a Windows 7 Upgrade Chart that details which versions of Windows can be upgraded to Windows 7 by upgrading in place, and which versions need a clean install, or in Microsoft speak, a Custom Install. With the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I’ve drawn up […]

E-mail Download Issue in Entourage With Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008

I encountered an issue with a client today where there were emails missing from their inbox in Entourage, yet when the user viewed their inbox in either Outlook Web Access, or used Citrix to view their inbox in Outlook, all the missing emails were there as clear as day. We tried rebuilding their Entourage database, […]