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Fix an issue with an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro with incorrect date and time

I’ve seen a couple of Apple Silicon MacBook Pros recently with an incorrect date and time set, even though “Set time and date automatically” is switched on and pointed to a reliable time source, like time.asia.apple.com or time.apple.com.

If you turn off Set time and date automatically, you can manually set the time and everything behaves correctly.

If, however, you turn Set time and date automatically back on, the time reverts to displaying a completely incorrect time and date.

A quick fix is to reset the preferences for the time daemon, timed.

To do this, delete the preferences file and then immediately reboot.

Drop into Terminal and type the following

sudo rm /var/db/timed/com.apple.timed.plist

Once you’ve rebooted, check System Settings / System Preferences and the date and time should be correct.

As always, if you’re deleting files from the Terminal, the risk is on you to get it right. This works for me, but if it nukes your computer or runs over your dog, that’s not on me.

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