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Set mail app back to Apple Mail after using MailToOutlook 2.0 to set Outlook as default mail handler.

I have a few clients who have an SOE pushed out with a heap of individual packages via Munki. One of these clients has decided to make Outlook their default mail app across the board.

In order to automate this process, I’m using the MailToOutlook 2.0 pkg by Paul Bowden, which is linked to on the Office for Mac Tools and Scripts page.

I’ve found that if you set the default Mail app to Outlook via this method, then you may have difficulty changing back to Apple Mail if an individual user wants to switch.

Fortunately, Microsoft have an Outlook for Mac support tools page, and on this there is an interactive app that allows you to set the default mail app.


The Default Mail Application tool lets you easily make Outlook the default mail application.

While the app is designed to let you set Outlook as the default app, it also works in the reverse to set the default app back to Mail.

The full download link is: https://download.microsoft.com/download/7/D/5/7D52637E-1E80-4AEF-A63A-0D7B4B7CD626/SetDefaultMailApp.zip

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