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Quick Tip: Stop Firefox zooming the page when you scroll with the Command key held down

I will often open up a page with a lot of links, e.g. Feedly to read the news,  and as I scroll down the page, I like to use ⌘+click to open the links in a new tab.

With Firefox, the default behaviour out-of-the-box is that if you’re holding down the ⌘ key and you scroll the page with the scroll-wheel on the mouse, then instead of scrolling, it zooms the page in and out. This is never what I want.

To change this, type in about:config in the address bar and then search for the setting mousewheel.with_meta.action

The default value of this is 3 – which means if you’re holding down the meta (Command) key and you use the mouse wheel, it zooms the page.

Other valid values are 0 (do nothing), 1 (scroll normally – this is what I set it to), and 2 (go backwards and forwards in your browsing history)

Change the value from 3 to 1 and you’re set to scroll.

There is also another setting for mousewheel.with_control.action – if you’re on Windows and using Ctrl+click to open links in a new tab, then you’ll need to set this to 1 so that it scrolls instead of zooms when holding down the Ctrl key.

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