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Change Primary Email Address without changing Login Name on Office 365

I have a client who is in the process of changing their email addresses over – from something like @examplecompany.com.au to @example.com.au.

We have just migrated them to Office 365 and wanted to have [email protected] as their primary login, particularly as this will ultimately end up being their email addresses in the future. We wanted their primary email address to be [email protected] at the start as we don’t want to have to change their login identity once their email accounts were set up.

Fortunately, you can do this with Office 365, however it needs PowerShell (as does most things that are really useful in Office 365).

Once you’re connected to Office 365 in PowerShell, simply enter the following command:

Set-Mailbox [email protected] -WindowsEmailAddress [email protected]

This changes their primary email address, the one that’s used by default for outgoing emails, but it keeps their login username as the one that will ultimately become their email address in the future.

4 thoughts on “Change Primary Email Address without changing Login Name on Office 365

  1. Using PS script is nice for its users. However, there is a method for doing this in the interface. That method would be a useful addition to this answer.

    1. You’re right, you can now do this in the web interface however back in 2018 when I initially wrote this post, this feature was only accessible via PowerShell.

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