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Rogue Amoeba Blog – On The Sad State of Macintosh Hardware

I could not agree more with this sentiment. There’s nothing wrong with speed bumps, small and more frequent updates to the hardware rather than going for years with nothing and then a monumental change.

It’s very difficult to recommend much from the current crop of Macs to customers….

Rather than attempting to wow the world with “innovative” new designs like the failed Mac Pro, Apple could and should simply provide updates and speed bumps to the entire

I’m not a hardware engineer, but I struggle to believe that a company the size of Apple doesn’t have people on their team that could take, say, a Logic Board designed for a 7th generation Intel Core processor and update the chipset to support 8th generation CPUs.

We don’t need revolutionary, wonderful and amazing designs every few years, we need continual improvements year on year. We are now faced with the situation where we’re replacing 3 and 4 year old Mac mini Servers that are now no longer under warranty with what is essentially an identical machine.

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