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Firefox for Mac gets stuck on installing your updates…

Firefox for Mac can get stuck in an update loop if you have been using an older version and it’s downloaded a new version to install, but before it gets to install it, you manually update to a new version.

The symptom is that it gets stuck with a dialog box saying “Firefox is installing your updates and will start in a few moments”

You can force-quit the updater app, but whenever you launch Firefox, it comes up again.

Deleting everything related to Firefox or Mozilla in the ~/Library/Application Support folder doesn’t fix this, nor does deleting preferences.

What you actually need to do is go into ~/Library/Caches and delete the Mozilla and the Firefox folders (you may not need to delete both of them, but I didn’t try just one).

Then relaunch Firefox and it should start up as normal.

2 thoughts on “Firefox for Mac gets stuck on installing your updates…

  1. I can’t seem to find and refernces to Firefox and/or Mozilla like you’ve described in ~/Library/Caches. Can you provide the full path to the directory your referencing… Thanks in advance

    1. Checking now, in my Home folder > Library folder, I have a folder called Firefox and a folder called Mozilla.
      To go to the hidden Library folder in your home folder, in the Finder menu chose Go > Go to Folder and type in ~/Library/

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