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Disable Azure AD users from having to set up a PIN on Windows 10

This information is condensed from Håvard Siegel Haukeberg’s blog over at https://haukeberg.wordpress.com/2016/02/24/disable-pin-code-when-joining-azure-ad/

You need to log in as the actual admin user for the domain, you can’t do this through a partner account with delegated administration.

First up, go to the Azure management portal:

  1. https://manage.windowsazure.com
  2. Go to Active Directory
  3. Select your Domain
  4. Select Applications
  5. Select Microsoft Intune
  6. Select Configure
  7. Under manage devices for these users, select All and click Save.

Next, go to Intune

  1. https://manage.microsoft.com
  2. Go to: Admin > Mobile Device Management > Windows > Passport for Work.
  3. Select: Deactivate Passport for Work on registered devices


2 thoughts on “Disable Azure AD users from having to set up a PIN on Windows 10

  1. I’m global admin in 0365/AD Azure but when I try to go to InTune admin it just says:

    “User Name Not Recognized
    This user account is not authorized to use Microsoft Intune. Contact your system administrator if you think you have received this message in error.”

    Any ideas how/why this is happening

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