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Product Review: Overboard Waterproof eBook Reader / Kindle Case

This is a pretty simple case, it does one thing and it does that one thing quite well.

Unlike just about all other kindle accessories, the Overboard Waterproof eBook Reader / Kindle Case is a more universal accessory and will fit any number of different devices – from a Kindle to an iPad mini or any other device with a screen size less than 8-9 inches or so.

It accomplishes this by being a tough, flexible waterproof and air-tight bag with an easy sealing mechanism at the top.

You unlock the four locks in the thick plastic seal, open the bag, drop your device in, with the screen towards the clear side and then seal it all up. The case is supplied with a shoulder carry strap (that I thought was cute but really am probably not going to use) and a few small sachets of Silica Gel – those little white sachets that say DO NOT EAT that are invariably packed in with your new electronics. Silica Gel will absorb moisture, and it does it very well. Overboard were thoughtful enough to supply these sachets sealed in a ziplock bag, so they haven’t already absorbed all the moisture they can out of the air before you go to use them.

Why would you need to use them? Well, this case (bag?) is pretty well waterproof.

Ever wanted to read your Kindle in the bath, or at the beach and don’t want to get it sandy or wet? This is the answer to that problem!

If you’re using the case in a humid environment, you can put a silica gel sachet in with your device, and then you’re not going to get any fogging inside the bag.

In my testing, this case worked exactly as promised – my kindle is none the worse for wear after being read in the bath, washed under the tap and taken into the shower just to see how it went.

The clear front surface of the case is a tough and flexible plastic that doesn’t seem to interfere with the touch screen on either my kindle or iPhone (I don’t have an iPad mini to test it with).

All in all, a handy thing to have if you’re holidaying with your Kindle, or want to use it in the bath…

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