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Product Review – Encase Folding Stand Case

I’ll keep this short and sweet – the Encase Folding Stand Case is a very nice case for an iPad.
It’s thin and lightweight and more versatile than Apple’s Smart Case. Due to the unique triangular folds for the cover, it’s significantly more stable when propped up on a desk, or even on your lap.
It’s available in a wide range of colours and it’s made very well.
All-in-all, it gets the thumbs up if you need a good alternative to Apple’s case – one that retains the benefits of the OEM case and adds better features.

I’ve given this case to a friend and they really like it – it’s a lot slimmer and more lightweight than many other cases on the market.

The iPad is really a lot better supported when you have it resting against the folded case and the case can support the iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, whereas most other cases only support the iPad in landscape mode.

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