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Product Review – Otter Box Symmetry case for iPhone 5/5s

My mates over at Mobile Zap have sent me a new case for my phone – the Otter Box Symmetry case for iPhone 5/5s.

I’m normally a nude-device type person, however have recently been using a case to go with my Logitech case+drive (that is the best car kit I’ve yet found) so have warmed up to the idea of a case on my phone.

The Otter Box is a tiny bit bigger all round, but instead of the squared off edges, it’s more rounded so fits in the pocket just as well and is more comfortable to hold.

So, what makes this case so good? Protection.

It’s not water or dust proof or anything like that, but it is a 2-layer construction with a high-density foam in the interior with a hard plastic case on top. It’s also got a small lip of the foam around the face of the phone, so if you put your phone down face-down, the glass doesn’t actually touch the table.

The foam inner for the case seems to be flexible enough to provide drop protection, although I’m not about to drop my phone just to test this…

The only addition I’ve had to make to this case is sticking one of the Logitech case+ metal squares on the back of the case, so I can still use my car kit. Luckily the Logitech +drive mount came with a black and a a brushed stainless self-adhesive metal square, so the black square ties in perfectly with the black plastic of the case.

All-in-all, this is a very nice case – unobtrusive, slim and offering a good amount of protection for your device.

Check out the huge range of iPhone 5s cases over at Mobile Zap – they have a great range, with good prices and fast, local shipping.


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