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FileMaker Server 13 Conflicts with Web Services Ports

FileMaker Server 13 is a bit of a pain to install – it absolutely insists with no option to change it that it MUST listen to ports 80 and 443 on whatever it’s installed on.

This is a big problem if you’re installing it on a machine that needs to be used for anything else, other than FileMaker Server.

If you’re running it on a machine with OS X Server – then the Server web services bind to ports 80 and 443 on all IP addresses on the machine. There is no way to install FileMaker Server and tell it to not use 80 and 443. Similar issue with installing it on a machine that’s running Kerio Connect. I want my mail services running on 80 and 443 thanks, not FileMaker Server.

The workaround is to install it and tell it to shut down the conflicting web server. Then, either add another IP address to the machine and edit it’s httpd.conf files to have it listen on that IP only, or have the Server websites do a reverse proxy for it.

I found it easier to edit the Listen directive in the following conf files:

/Library/Filemaker server/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf

/Library/Filemaker server/HTTPServer/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

If you want to have it more fully integrated with Server, then you can make some config files so it can be controlled by Server – why FileMaker didn’t go down this path by default is beyond me. More info at the link below:


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