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Reset OS X Mountain Lion web server settings

I’ve been doing a fair amount of non-standard tweaking to Mountain Lion’s web services.

It’s not difficult to completely break the web server, and initially it looks like it’s near impossible to fix it unless you know exactly what you did to break it.

Fortunately, there’s a quick command you can run in the Terminal to reset the web services to their factory default settings.

Go into the Server app.

Turn off Profile Manager, Web and Wiki.

In Terminal, run the following command

sudo serveradmin command web:command=restoreFactorySettings

Then, go back in and turn on any services that you just turned off.

That’s it.

Be aware that this will completely wipe out any custom websites you may have defined – the entire web service is reset to factory defaults.

3 thoughts on “Reset OS X Mountain Lion web server settings

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering you – I only just noticed the comment.
      I’m not 100% sure if it will wipe out the wiki settings, however I don’t think it does (but it’d be best to have a backup just in case!)

  1. If that doesnt work..turn of ALL SERVICES.

    Open Terminal and paste: sudo serveradmin command web:command=restoreFactorySettings

    Delete the SERVER APP

    Reinstall/Download the SERVER APP from the App Store

    That will bring up the Server as if you are first setting up the services when you first set it up.

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