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10.7: Move an ARD 3.x Installation/Install ARD

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Aside from the fact that the current Apple Remote Desktop Installer requires 10.6 and doesn’t want to run in 10.7 one of the more vexing aspects of working with ARD is that eventually one becomes heavily invested in the library it creates and setting up a new installation or moving a library to another machine is problematic.

The following instructions allow for moving an ARD installation and/or the library of machines, stored commands, groups, etc. that collect with heavy use.

These are all the relevant files to make ARD work, assuming ARD doesn’t exist on the target machine already:

  • /Applications/Remote Desktop (the application)
  • /Library/Application Support/Apple/Remote Desktop (folder)
  • /Library/Documentation/Applications/Remote Desktop (folder)
  • /Library/Preferences/com.apple.RemoteDesktop.plist (serial number info)
  • /Library/Widgets/Remote Desktop.wdgt (the ARD Widget)
  • ~/Library/Application Suppor …

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