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Console not updating or asl manager taking 100% CPU

Here’s how to restart the Mac OS X 10.6 log managers after removing asl data. Corrupt asl data will either cause the logs in Console.app to not update or the aslmanager process to consume 100% CPU.

Open the Terminal application and enter the following two commands to stop the log managers:

sudo launchctl stop com.apple.syslogd
sudo launchctl stop com.apple.aslmanager

Then create a folder on your desktop called “temp” (to store the moved “data store” files), and enter the following command in the Terminal to move the “ASL” data to the new temporary folder:

sudo mv /var/log/asl/* ~/Desktop/temp/

Finally, restart the syslog process with the following command (the aslmanager will be started when needed by syslogd, so it doesnt need to be manually restarted):

sudo launchctl start com.apple.syslogd

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