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Make your own Adobe Creative Suite Combo Updaters

Had I the bandwidth, I’d probably post the results here, but I don’t so I’m going to tell you how you can easily make your own Creative Suite Combo Updater.

I’m not happy when I roll out a new copy of Creative Suite and have to install over a dozen individual updates before the suite is ready to use.

Luckily Adobe are really getting on top of things this time around and with the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition, or AAMEE for short, we now have a way to not only make our own pre-serialised CS5 installers, but we can now roll our own combo updates.

If you check out Adobe’s recent update on their Developer Connection website, there’s a link to both Windows and Mac versions of AAMEE 1.1

Simply download and install it and then mount all the DMG files for your CS5 updates and you can roll them into one über updater…

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