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Falling into Maths

The video below is a 10 minute trip, zooming into a Mandlebrot fractal to a zoom level of around 10e214
Regarding the zoom level achieved, if 1px in the final zoom level is equal to the plank length (the smallest measurement of length that it makes any sense to call length, versus being a 1-dimensional point) then the original image would have been on the order of 10^179 metres in size. Considering that the entire observable universe is believed to be a mere 8.8 x 10^26 metres, this would make the original image shitloads larger than the universe (with, as you know, shitloads being an accepted unit of measurement according to teh facebook)

The final image is very fitting considering the subject material…

Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD from teamfresh on Vimeo.

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