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Kufatec Fiscon Basic – Bluetooth Handsfree for VW/Audi

I have just installed a Fiscon bluetooth in the TDI, and for anyone else wanting an aftermarket bluetooth solution, it’s pretty good.

There was an Aussie distributor who quoted me something crazy like $950 ex + shipping for one, so I ordered it from Kufatec in Germany and ended up getting it landed for $620. The shipping on it was €85 alone, but it arrived in a fedex bag in under a week, so that’s not too bad.

Installation was plug-n-play, once I got the dash apart to get to the back of the headunit. Ran the wiring loom in under the steering wheel and mounted the module in behind the fuse panel above the driver’s knees. Mounted the mic on the dash next to the A pillar, I’ve had mics mounted at the top of the A pillar before and they either get hit by the visors or bumped as I’m getting in and out of the car. The mic is a bit further away, but still sounds pretty clear and it’s easy to aim at your face from where it is.

I didn’t need to VAG COM the car to turn on the phone functions, they seemed to be already coded, which was handy.

Now, when the phone rings, the headunit displays PHONE on the screen and I get the calling name or number appear in the MFA display between the gagues. If you’ve got a MKV (red display) then it also has what they call the E-MFA add-on, which is very cool.

In the MFA display, you can show actual speed in km/h and shows the speedo is reading about 10% over (which shouldn’t be news to anyone) as well as engine speed, oil temperature, water temperature, battery voltage and boost pressure.

The one and only downside to the unit is that it doesn’t seem to support voice dialling, which is a bit of a pain in the arse, so I’m hoping they can fix this with a firmware update.

2 thoughts on “Kufatec Fiscon Basic – Bluetooth Handsfree for VW/Audi

  1. hey mate, just installed mine today, well GCCS installed it. I was there and yeah pretty straight forward. I’m not sure I would do it myself but i’m not that experienced. all in all I think the firmware would be super!!! and E-mfa add on awesome simple but awesome!

    keep updates re firmware.

    1. I’ve actually had a huge number of problems with the Fiscon Basic (well, the parrot bluetooth module in it) and an iPhone 3G and 3GS – I can work around a lot of the issues now that I know they’re there, but they are still incredibly annoying when, for instance, a call comes in and the Fiscon immediately drops it, or the first choice in the MFA is Terminate rather than answer the call. Oh, and it loves when a call ends just randomly playing music from my iPhone. If I could turn off A2DP permanentely, I would!

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