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I’ve tried to tech the tech, and it won’t work

Interesting opinion piece by British Sci Fi Author, Charlie Stross concerning the downhill slide in scriptwriting for big-budget sci-fi TV series. To resolve a difficult plot line, simply insert technology.

Charlie’s Diary: Why I hate Star Trek.

2 thoughts on “I’ve tried to tech the tech, and it won’t work

  1. interesting yes.

    For me as a consumer of SF it’s a case of: is the ‘tech the tech’ blantantly bollocks, or can I ignore the tech and watch the drama/action/whatever?

    I can with Dr Who (new stuff) or Hyperdrive, but no with most of the american TV SF crap.

    Of course it doesn’t have to be [futuristic] SF for this to be an issue to me … it just has to have computers in it and 5 year olds hacking NSA with their digital watch in 3mins.

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