WordPress is no longer “just” a blog platform and is now well suited to be used as an easy to manage content management system (CMS).

Forget the complexity and maintenance overheads of CMS platforms like Joomla or Drupal, WordPress actually makes all this stuff easy. WordPress is so customisable that a website produced with it doesn’t need to look anything like a blog, they are capable of being customised entirely to your requirements and styling.

If you want a website that is easy for you to keep up-to-date without needing to be a web developer, one that looks good and is easily accessible by humans and search-engines, WordPress is an excellent solution.

Automatica can assist with all aspects of installation, configuration and customisation for WordPress.

From setting up WordPress with your web hosting provider (or even setting it up with a new web hosting plan) to customisation of themes and plugins, or creation of an entirely new theme altogether. We can do it.

As an example of what WordPress is capable of, this whole website has been created with a standard WordPress install, a customised theme and a couple of off-the-shelf plugins.