Adobe Demos Photo Unblurring At MAX 2011

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader karthikmns writes with word of an amazing demo presented last week at Adobe’s annual MAX convention. You’ll have to watch the video, but the enthusiastic crowd reaction seems genuine (or at least justified), even in an audience full of Photoshop enthusiasts, as photographs are algorithmically deblurred. […]

The Definitive Graph of All of Primer’s Intersecting Timelines [Chart Porn]

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader Still confused by the twists and turns inside Shane Carruth’s time traveling indie Primer? Never fear, someone has finally made the ultimate guide to Abe’s wild time-traveling ride. Behold the world’s most complicated tim-travel movie, solved. (Sort of.) More » from io9

Quick Tip: Boot your Mac in 64 bit mode

I’ve been tuning Photoshop performance on some decently specced Mac Pro workstations. They’re older machines than the current model and by default don’t boot in 64-bit mode. Whilst Photoshop runs in 64-bit mode under a 32-bit kernel, you will get better performance with 64-bit apps on a 64-bit kernel. You can force your Mac to […]

Daily Mac App: Clean

I’ve just starred a new item in Google Reader Let’s face it, cleaning your desktop can be a right chore. Clean makes it easy by automating the process for those who simply can’t face it. Some of us are more prone to desktop clutter than others. I have seen some horrors in my time, desktops […]