Adobe Creative Suite Updates

Adobe now have a blog (with atom and rss feeds) where you can quickly and easily see what the latest updates for Creative Suite 5 are. In addition to this feed, they’ve announced that the updates are going to be cumulative – that is each update will contain all the previous updates so you’ll only […]

Possible fix for iChat not working but Adium OK

I’ve got an Xserve running, among other things, iChat server. To tidy things up, I wanted to have all users with a login of something like [email protected] rather than [email protected], but after adding the extra domain into iChat server, iChat couldn’t log in as [email protected] It turns out that it may be something to do […]

Funky Fresh Fonts

I’ve been using Myriad as the Automatica corporate font but until now there was no easy way to reflect the design of the printed page on the internet. TypeKit have just added Myriad (and a whole heap of other fonts from Adobe) to their arsenal and as of right now, the main pages for Automatica […]