WordPress is live

Items that may be of interest to friends, family and clients (past, present and future) of Automatica will be posted here from time to time.

There is no set schedule for items to be posted here, it all depends on Kai’s workload and the amount of cool, interesting or just plain weird stuff that crops up on a day-to-day basis. There will most likely be a fair proportion of news and current affairs for the tech industry posted here, as well as opinion pieces and reviews of products and services.

If you have something of interest, please email it to contact at automatica.com.au

This article was posted by Kai Howells. If you liked this content and have any technical work in the Melbourne area, say hello via my contact form or give me a call on 0419 361 653 - I cover most of the greater Melbourne area and my rates are competitive.

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  1. Would you mind enabling rss feeds, because this page is difficult to read on my phone. Don’t mean to be a complainer, but I figure if it would help me it would probably help others as well. Thanks 🙂

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