With a bit of tweaking, all the HTML and CSS used for WordPress now validates. It was a little confusing to get it all worked out as I haven’t modified a WordPress theme before, so when running it past the w3c validator it wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been to work out exactly in which php file the error was when it’s all assembled as one single html file.

If anyone wants the source of these modifications I’ve made to the Blueprint themes, send me an email to contact at As mentioned, I’ve been quite liberal with the hacking and slicing of the php and css from the themes, so what I’ve got is most likely not of use to anyone, but in the spirit of keeping things open, I’m putting it out there anyway.

I’m very impressed with the work that goes into something like Blueprint, for someone like me who’s not 100% across all the latest cross-browser incompatibilities and nuances, it makes writing an accessible website a possibility and having it work in all modern browsers, yes even MSIE, is no longer the enormous pain that it once was. With Blueprint, I can focus on the design and layout of the site and let the framework do the heavy lifting.

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