Tweaking the look and feel

I’m heavily abusing a wordpress theme that’s based on Blueprint – the CSS framework that I’ve used to lay out this site. The theme that I found was called SF-Blueprint-WP by SlipFire, who modified an older theme, for an older version of Blueprint, by Joshua Sowin at Fire and Knowledge.

Any errors in this CSS are mine entirely, and the above people are not to blame if something looks crap.

I’ve attempted to fit this theme in with my overall site look and feel, so have taken a fairly liberal approach to customisation. It’s not been done in the cleanest fashion, and links to, for instance, the CSS are hardcoded for my site so I don’t need to have two copies of the CSS framework installed.

I need to make a few more changes to the CSS so that the headings, for instance, are orange instead of blue as they appear now, but generally it’s heading in the right direction.

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  1. Testing the comments – this seems to work as well. I need to make the comment box a bit wider (although in Safari you can make it any size you want) and the height is pretty good.

    You can enter a fair bit of text here, although it’s a plain text edit box, there are no fancy rich text controls. Maybe that’s available as a WordPress plugin? I’m sure it is…
    Bold and italic seem to work using HTML tags strong and em

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