Testing has begun

I am going through a testing phase before this blog url goes live on my home page.

I need to work out whether it’s going to be easier to post articles here through the WordPress interface, or if I’m going to need to use some third-party software.

There are some very good apps for Mac OS X written specifically to make life easier when posting to blogs, this post was written with MarsEdit 2.

MarsEdit was very easy to set up for this blog – simply download the zipped app from red sweater, copy it to my /Applications folder and launch it. Upon launching it, I was asked for the title and URL of my blog, and my username and password, which are kept in the Mac OS X Keychain. It then told me that I needed to enable XML-RPC and gave me the url to do so – http://example.com/blog/wp-admin/options-writing.php

Once this was turned on, MarsEdit was able to show me the post that I’d previously written and I was able to type this up and post it very quickly.

This article was posted by Kai Howells. If you liked this content and have any technical work in the Melbourne area, say hello via my contact form or give me a call on 0419 361 653 - I cover most of the greater Melbourne area and my rates are competitive.

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